You need Groovy installed in your machine to use grooscript. Also Node.js to run javascript code.

When you convert groovy code to javascript, that converted code needs grooscript.js to run. There is a npm package that do that work for you, so you need to install grooscript npm module:

> npm install grooscript

Create groovy source

Create source.groovy file with content:

class Hello {
  def methodMissing(String name, args) {
    println "Hello ${name}!"

def hello = new Hello()

Create script to convert groovy source to javascript

Create convert.groovy file with content:


import org.grooscript.GrooScript

def conversionOptions = [:]
conversionOptions['initialText'] = "var gs = require('grooscript');"

GrooScript.convert 'source.groovy', '.', conversionOptions

Convert and run your groovy code in javascript

As grooscript is a library, we will use convert.groovy script to make conversion:

> groovy convert.groovy

A new file source.js will appear, and you car run it with node.js:

> node source.js

And you are done, you have groovy file source.groovy and converted javascript file source.js. Both do the same, and you get same output in console:

> node source.js

Hello Groovy!
Hello Javascript!
Hello grooscript!

> groovy source.groovy

Hello Groovy!
Hello Javascript!
Hello grooscript!